Thursday, 28 May 2009

Vamps in Spiderman 4

Big news today is Sam Raime talking about having the vampire Morbius as the bad guy in Spiderman 4. Fearnet has this interview here (not available in UK for some reason) Hoping we get to see Kirsten Dunst being vamped!

Entertainment Weekly runs with a piece on Guiillermo Del Toro's "The Strain" here

IO9 has a bit of a rant on True Blood's false advertising campaign here.

Twilight stuff now... has some new stills from the "New Moon" film. And then there is this... i mentioned earlier that MTV seems obsessed with Twilight, now they have it up for the "Best fight of the year award" at their MTV movie awards. All i'll say is this - MTV, have a night out in Doncaster, you will see more violence there, and quite possibly better acting and more drama. Much more chance of seeing fangs also...

Deaana at Vampire Cafe has spotted this... 89 stills from New Moon filming.

Following on from yesterday's news that the Castlevania film project fell to bits again, The Examiner has a piece on the console game here.

Luke reviews has done a piece on "The vampire, The Werewolf and Other Gothic Tales"

The Vino Bodega site has an article on the book "Marked" by PC & Kristen Cast.

The suburban vampire has the english language trailer for "Blood : the last vampire" here.

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