Sunday, 24 May 2009

Revenant review and bits... has done a review of "The Revenant" here, which made its debut at the recent Zompire Undead Film Festival. Sounds like one worth getting hold of, if you can find it.

This has to be the silliest story out there today...congrats to for a long piece on why Britney Spears needs a vampire boyfriend. To be fair to TheExaminer, they try and make up for that with a general piece on vampires here.

Another general vamps in films article is here, at

The Chickwithbooks blog has started a giveaway competition featuring several vamp books. If you like vamp competitions like this, check out Lady Vampire's lair, which features all sorts of competitions like this one... link is over there >>>

ReviewerX has a good, detailed review of "Vampire Acadamy" by Richelle Mead here.

Taliesin digs into his past, with a review of "The Groovy Goolies" kids cartoon.

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