Friday, 29 May 2009

Red Scream Vampyres & Dear Dracula coming to the big screen?

Let's start with today that there are two more books in the ChicagoLand Vampire series on the way, the publishers giving the go ahead for two more of these popular books by Chloe Neill.

News from comicbookresources that Kickstart Productions has picked up the option for turning Joshua Williamson's "Dear Dracula" series into something for the big screen. The amctv blog also has a piece on this.

EscapistMagazine has some more detail of the demise of the Castlevania film project here.

Egames is currently developing a vampire game called "The Dracula Files". You can see how it is coming along here.

Dublin recently celebrated Bram Stokers Dracula with a whole day of events around the "One City One Book" initiative. The Box of Obfuscation blog has done a nice piece on this, and includes a podcast of the discussion on Vampires in Film by the gathered vampire experts here. has an interview with Joseph Laycock about his upcoming book "Modern Vampires : Your Neighbours and Spouses" out on May 30th.

Lots of people seem pretty angry about - a fake blog run by HBO to promote True Blood season 2. Google news has a piece here from Associated Press.

Lots of sites are still running with the Buffy remake news, and more to the point that none of the major players from the tv series are going to be spike, willow, buffy, angel etc, and no Joss Weldon to direct it. Nothing has changed since the piece on the blog a couple of days ago.

Two pieces from Gabrielle Faust's Eternal Vigilance site now. Red Scream Vampyres and Red Scream Nosferatu. Twilight this is NOT! There are fangs, blood, gore and violence! Vampyres is now available from amazon, and pre-orders are being accepted for Nosferatu.

Red Scream Nosferatu Trailer

Red Scream Vampyres trailer

Thanks to Vampire Cafe for spotting these... five featurettes on Blood : The Last vampire are here at scifiscoop.

A little Twilight news here, courtesy of Vampire Wire - some more dubious marketing designed to drag a few more $$ from the twi-harders. has an interview with Keri Arthur, author of the recent vampire book "Chasing the Shadows"

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