Monday, 18 May 2009

Vampire Diaries gets a series!

Today's big news is Vampire Diaries progressing from pilot to series on CW in the autumn. Sites running with this are Dread Central, The LA Times, Fangoria online, and

The Associated Press has a review of "Thirst" at the Cannes film festival here. The Calgary Herald also has a piece on Thirst's impact here. also has a bit of Twilight : New Moon news - sounds like a clip is going to be debuting on the MTV music awards.

And yet more from - they have been on the set of "Dead of Night", a live action adaptation of Italian comic Dylan Dog. Taye Diggs (of Equilibrium) is playing the vamp in this according to

Onto Reviews now... The DVDLounge has a good review of the "Let The Right One In" DVD here. Many people said this was the best vamp film for 20 years, so it may well be worth spending a few pennies on...

Fang-tastic books has a review of "Undead and Unwelcome" by Mary Janice Davidson.

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