Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A short break...

A short update today, as i am heading off to Whitby with the missus for her birthday treat. For anyone that is planning on going to whitby, there is one place you simply have to stay in, if you can... the Bats and Broomsticks B&B. The blog won't get an update tomorrow or thursday i am afraid, but look for a monster update on friday!

Right... on with the news i have got early on a tuesday morning.

Who wouldnt want this castle back? The Romainian government has now handed back ownership of Bran - Dracula's castle back to its rightful owner. Full story here.

Newsarama.com has a piece on "The Complete Dracula", the upcoming graphic novel here.

I'm not sure how to describe this. Perhaps this is how Dracula would address the world if he decided to go public in this P.C age?

The Libraryjournal.com has a brief review of "Fangland" by John Marks here

Warmingglow blog has a little rant on "The Vampire Diaries" being turned into a series for CW. I can see his point...certainly hope these vampires are allowed to bite and dont sparkle...not naming any recent films of course.

Proudbookworm blog hasa nice piece by D.B Reynolds, author of the "Vampires in America" series here.

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