Saturday, 23 May 2009

More Vampire Diaries footage

The Examiner has a new trailer for Vampire Diaries here, and the trailer for the pilot... at least these vamps dont sparkle, and... did i see fangs there?

Upcoming Horror movies has news of "Dinner With a vampire" being released on DVD August 25th.

Since weekends are fairly quiet on the news front... The Viewspaper has a review of Twilight here.

Fire & Ice has a review of PC & Kristin Karst's "Marked".

More on the British woman who was labelled a vampire and killed in Peru in 1913, as reported in The Sun yesterday. has a piece here, and The Daily Mail has an article here... a good long piece, although i am not sure the pic of a vampire bride from van Helsing is quite how she would have looked in 1913!

Ithappenedwritehere blog runs a piece on Bram Stoker here.

SciFi Pulse has something worth looking at... an interview and podcast with graphic novelist Tony Lee, about his new work "Harker"

Amberkatz blog has a review of "Some Girls Bite" by Chloe Neill here

Words fail me... Robert Pattinson auctioning off kisses for $20000 EACH! still, its a charitable thing...maybe he should do that full time from now on?

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