Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A Twilight mish mash, Thirst and Vamped

Right....twilight stuff out of the way first. has behind the scenes news of Dakota Fanning and "New Moon" which has started shooting in Vancouver. You would think that this would only be worth reporting if she didnt turn up...

After being caught ranting about how bad he thought Twilight was... today David Slade (director for Eclipse, the third film) has made his apologies, saying "I didnt mean it...honest, please dont be angry with me, twi-harders". Well thats just about what he said, here is the full piece.

Vampire fashion... or an excuse to jump on the twilight bandwagon, hmm...anyway, has a piece on vampire fashion here.

Rueters has a story about "Thirst" heading to the Cannes film festival here.

Onto book reviews... The has a feature and interview with Lucienne Diver, and her new book "Vamped"

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