Monday, 25 May 2009

Christopher Lee & Hammer Horror return...

This slipped right under my radar, possibly because the film does not look to be a vampire one, but this is worth a mention anyway. The Telegraph reports that the mighty Christopher lee is set to work with the relaunched Hammer Horror film studio.

The Korea Times ahs news of "Thirst" winning the jury prize at the Cannes film festival.

The Examiner has a piece on Lucienne Diver, author of "Vamped" here, and a piece comparing Twilight and Romeo & Juliet

Amberkatze book blog has an interview with Vicki Petterson, who has "Vampire Romance" among her work.

Taliesin reviews True Blood Season 1 today, by far the best vampire series to make it onto telly I reckon. Season 2 comes to HBO in the states on 14th June, not long to wait! Vampire Cafe has also done their review of Season 1 here.

This raised a smile...spotted it on Gabrielle Fausts Eternal Vigilance there is some gore, and of course i wouldnt recommend this kind of behaviour...but LOL!

Incidentally, that looks a hell of a lot like the Mighty Boosh guy impaling people...

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