Thursday, 21 May 2009

Catch-up Thursday

Ok, lots to get through... 83 work and vamp emails sat in my inbox this afternoon, that will teach me to go away for a couple of days!

True Blood DVD of the first season is now out... The Hub has a review of the box set. has a review of "Vampire Hunter D the Manga Vol 3" (released yesterday)

Its ten years since Buffy came along, and its still on tv every single least in the UK anyway, i guess the USA is the same. The Independant has a piece on Buffy to ceelbrate its 10 years, and an interview with its creator, Joss Weldon.

Zahir over at Undead Whispers has done a review of Noho Arts Centre's Dracula, and it sounds darn good! Thanks to Eternal Vigilance who supplied the link to their website where the production can be watched in full here. has a piece on "The complete Dracula" here

Various News snippetts from the excellent "Eternal Vigilence" site by Gabriell Faust now.

The New Scientist has a piece on the possibility of genetically engineering a blood drinking vampire here.

True Blood Season 2 Posters are here! and do they look good... Eternal Vigilance reports that AccessHollywood has all of them here.

The Vampire Diaries teaser trailer is here as well, probably the biggest news of the day. has first look pics here.

My least favourite section of the blog, although i know there are plenty out there that like the sparklie vampires...its just not for me. This is the Twilight pointless story section.

Robert pattinson says he would would rather be a wizard. Congrats for for this nuggett.

Twilight is sexist. I thought it was just plain old rubbish, but there you go... twilight is sexist, according to this.

The LA Times has some news i really shouldnt label pointless... Robert pattinson has signed up for the fourth in the Twilight Series, Breaking Dawn. Also properly bloggable, is the Poster for New Moon.

Robert Pattinson was at the Cannes film festival, sharing some pearls of wisdom here.

The Telegraph reckons Twilight will be the biggest selling DVD of 2009 in the UK... only if the hype continues to obscure the reviews of the film... so yes, i'm sure it will be.

More on MTV's obsession with Twilight here...not content with nominating the film for just about every award going, they are having the Twilight cast present a scene from New Moon. Full story here.

and finally...this. Twilight sweeties, or candy to our american friends. Well done to Necco and the Springfield Sun, you have won the Pointless Story of the day award.

The Lookatthatbook blog has a review of PC and Kristen Cast's "Marked" here

Dread Central has a good, long interview with Doug Hutchinson, the creator of the web series "Vampire Killers" here.

The New York Times has run a piece on Charliane Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels that became True blood here.

Redblog has a bit more on Dreamworks proposed remake of "Fright Night".

Jeanine Frost's blog has a teaser for her next novel, "A Drop of Crimson" here

The Austrian Times has another piece on Draculas Castle (Bran castle) being handed back to its rightful owner here.

Marvel is currently doing a comic series called "Captain Britain vs Dracula". According to, its just been cancelled...

Now heres something entirely new. Andy Fish is doing a graphic novel "Harker" that is going to take the form of a daily online comic strip, starting May 25th. Official website is here, and first news of this is here.

Ankhs paw blog has a piece on the origins of the word vampire or vampyre here.

The New Jersey real-time news site has a piece on a 9 yr old who has been invited to show her film at a festival here. In this film, the vampire can only be driven away by garlic potato chips... Lets face it. we have all seen worse!

Australian site has a piece on "Lesbian vampire Killers" here. The site also has a piece, unfortunately coming to the same conclusion as most of the rest of the world.

Vampire books blogspot has a review of "Bloody Good" by Georgia Evans here. This book is out June 2nd.

and thats it... trust me to go away on two really busy days, that has taken ages!

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