Thursday, 7 May 2009

Two vampire comics and cover art for Dracula : The Undead

Dracula comic new first... has an article on something coming in September... an all ages hardcover comic "Dear Dracula" has a feature on "The Complete Bite Club" here... a crime story featuring Miami vampires.

The Kenatchity blogspot has news of the final cover art for "Dracula : The Undead" here. The sequel to the Bram Stoker Dracula, by descendant Dacre Stoker is set for release in October.

The London review of Books has a nice piece on Vampires in the Movies here.

RobotViking has a piece on the (recent) addition to the Vampire : The requiem series, Ancient Bloodlines here.

Grr... it's bad enough that i really dont like twilight's sparklie "oo i dont like to bite" vampires, but when my news alerts start to fill up with stories like "Michael Sheen has had a shave for shooting his scenes in twilight" and "Dakota Fanning turns up for work" it makes me wonder just how measly a story has to be for someone to take the time to publish it. Hang your heads in shame... and no i am not going to put a link...bah!


  1. I rather enjoyed Complete Bite Club - some thing a little different mefeels

  2. I'll keep an look out for it appearing on the web somewhere taliesin... there is a blog i have come across that might be worth keeping an eye on for it.

  3. Itll be interesting to see what Stokers successor comes up with, Im interested in finding out where he plans to take the character

  4. Carl, we are heading to the unveiling of the book at the Bram Stoker film festival, at Whitby in October... I'll demand an answer for you!