Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A packed tuesday...

Busy news day... mostly literary, but we cant have new films every day!

Fang-tastic books has an interview with Kendra Leigh Castle, about vampires and her new book "Wild Highland Magic" here.

We have a little more on the proposed Dracula adaptation, "Last Voyage of the Demeter" here

Newsarama has an article on the "Angel : Blood and Trenches" comic book series, including an interview with the cartoonist John Byrne.

And...onto twilight stuff, in particular the upcoming MTV awards. It seemsMTV has decided twilight is the best film ever made, picking up seven nominations for best things in a film 2009. The BBC did an article here. MSNBC has its thoughts on the awards here, and Rueters has a similar article here.

Speaking of twilight, here is a strange article...David Slade (30 days of night director) who has been lined up as director for the third in the twilight series has had a good old rant about the franchise here. Slashfilm.com has the audio files for the rant, if you want them here. Looks increasingly like Eclipse will be a bit more...well, vampirey, if that is a real word.

Online.wsj.com has an interview with Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels that True Blood was based on. The ninth book in the series "Dead and Gone" has recently been released.

Anita Blake : Vampire hunter news now. Fear.net has a piece on the IFC channel picking up this adaptation of the book series, for a 2010 airing.

Bigpicturesound.com has a review of the "Underworld : Rise of the Lycans" Blue Ray DVD here, if you were thinking about spending a few pennies on it.

Another book review...vampiregenre.com has a review of "Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang" by Katie MacAlister here.

One for the future... July to be precise. Publisher Weekly has a preview of a book by Jonathan L Howard titled "Johannes Cabal : The Necromancer"

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