Monday, 31 May 2010

Vampire in the Hole, True Blood new clip, Vampire details

ok, lets start with this tonight... Thanks for Taliesin for pointing me at this. Vampire in the Hole has a website up and running with synopsis.

Vampire Cafe spotted this... a new pre show promo for True Blood season 3.

BloodyDisgusting has a report and pics from the japanese film "Vampire". Shocktilyoudrop has something similar here.

BuddyTV has a look at some Vampire Diaries season 2 spoilers here. Ontheflix has some season 2 stuff here.

There is news of a vampire film festival in Sydney Australia here.

There is news of Dacre Stoker's upcoming Dracula projects here.

UK artist Anita Maj is doing a vampire video by the looks of it... still from the video is here.

Taliesin today gets stuck into "Tales from the Crapper", which earns a very rare 0/10

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