Saturday, 8 May 2010

Doctor Who review, Vampire knights

Dread Central has an update on the progress of "Renfield The Undead" here.

A few sites are reporting this wonderful nugget... there has been a surge of babies in the USA named after Twilight characters. Wow, won't they be pleased in 20 years time?

News of a new animated vampire series below - Vampire Knights, spotted on

Vampire Knights, an animated series about vampires and humans who attend the same academy, is now available through, VIZ Media has announced.

The story has students from Cross Academy's "Day Class" being protected by two Guardians from the vampiric "Night Class." One Guardian believes the two kinds can co-exist peacefully, despite her own history as a survival of a vampire attack; her partner disagrees.

The series is based on a manga by Matsuri Hino

There is a review of the Doctor Who vampire episode shown tonight here.

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