Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dracula in 3D, Eclipse clip, True Blood set clip

Vampire Cafe spotted this tonight... HBO inviting us to the set of True Blood season III

VC also spotted this... the soundtrack list for Eclipse.

Big news of the night... Dario Argento is bringing back Dracula in 3D... article is here at BloodyDisgusting.

BD also has a new Eclipse clip here.

There is news of a new Castlevania app for the iPhone here.

Shocktilyoudrop spotted this, the Spierig brothers talking about the future of their Daybreakers film, graphic novels etc.

There is news of a Hammer exhibition at this years Bram Stoker Film Festival here.

USAToday has more on the upcoming True blood comic, set for release in July.


  1. Ooh, Florence and the Machine on the Eclipse soundtrack!

    Thanks for the Vnews. :)