Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Fright Night news, Flesh & Blood, Vampegeddon

Lets start with the big news of the night... Colin Farrell has been picked as the vampire Jerry Dandridge in the Fright Night remake. Thanks to Gabriel for pointing me at this. Dread Central also names Toni Collette as Mrs Brewster here.

Vampire Cafe spotted this news... the role of Claudine has been cast for True blood season III.

More new film news, spotted by Dread Central - British vampire film "Flesh and Blood". The official website is here, and synopsis is below.

Am I my brother's keeper?

A guilt-ridden loner discovers life and love, only to find it threatened by the only friend he's ever known. Daniel Cain lives a solitary life in a small coastal town. He works as a janitor in the local hospital by day and spends his nights nursing a dark secret. Confined to a squalid cell within his house is Jacob, a creature of the night and Daniel's twin brother.

Into this lonely existence comes Ana, a livewire who shakes up Daniel's world and shows him what he's been missing ... Life itself. As their relationship blossoms, Daniel must face the skeletons in his closet - choosing between a life with his new-found love or his flesh and blood.

Flesh & Blood is a dark, brooding love story set in an out-of-season English resort. At its beating heart lies a question of choice: sacrificing everything out of a misplaced loyalty to family or seizing control of your own destiny to find happiness. When love enters the equation, the answer becomes clear, but sometimes moving on can be deadly!

There is an interview with Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev here.

BloodyDisgusting spotted a new True Blood minisode here.

BD also spotted this news about the "Dead of Night" film, an adaptation of the italian Dylan Dog character.

Dread Central has news of the True Blood season II soundtrack going on sale here.

Dread Central has some info regarding Eclipse and a new still from the film here... and some news of the delay behind Breaking Dawn progress here.

DC also has a feature on the finale of Vampire Diaries here.

More new film news! Vampegeddon has just been released on DVD, details are here.

There is a review of the ninth series of Vampire Knight here.


  1. To be honest I can actually see Farrell pulling off Dandridge's psychotic charm. Let's just hope he loses the goatee beard.

    Hmm, all the shows are having their season finales this week incl Vampire Diaries which I'm sure will end on an awesome cliffhanger. No new shows till September as normal, lucky True Blood starts next month and the new Happy Town is quite interesting so far.

    I remember seeing a trailer for Vampegeddon, might check it out for nothing better to do! Looks quite silly.

    In regards to Dead of Night, hmmmm, I'm a HUGE fan of Dellamorte Dellamore/Cemetery Man and it's a pity they didn't go down that route with its Necromance, and from what I've read it's leaning more towards Constantine in content than DD. Guess I'll reserve my judgement until after I've seen it...

  2. What do you think, Colin Farrell taking a vamp role in training for lestat? a bit of blond dye, he might make a decent fist of it?