Sunday, 2 May 2010

Twilight spin-offs, Vampire Knight coming soon to DVD

Gabrielle Faust has some news of an upcoming real-life vampire documentary based in New York.

Vampire cafe spotted this... Stephanie meyer talking about "Breaking Dawn" and possible book spin-offs.

Vampire cafe also spotted this latest promo poster for True Blood III

There is news here that "Vampire knight" will be available on DVD July 20th.


  1. Besides the Vampire Hunter D films and Hellsing, Vampire Knight is one of the better vampire anime adaptations out there. I've seen both seasons, and wished it to continue but alas. It's also the only thing I cosplayed at an anime convention.

    Urgh, can't we be free of this Twilight Plague please!

    That True Blood promo poster gave me a chuckle. Obviously they've finished filming the season.

    I hope it's better than season 2, as I found Maryann/Maenad quite painful. I've read all the books in the past and look forward to DEAD IN THE FAMILY released this month, but season 3 should be great with the addition of Alcide and his werewolves :)

  2. Did you honestly expect there to be no spinoffs? like... the life of extra #24 in the canteen scene from the first one, you know, thrilling things like that.

    If you liked season 2 or not, it still has to be the best vamp thing on tv at the moment? Looking forward to season 3 as well, hopefully we will ahve it in the uk before xmas.

  3. Well to be honest and don't shoot me for saying this, but Vampire Diaries has gotten pretty damn good.

    After they dropped the Dear Diary and high school scene BS and dove straight into the vampire mythology of the town, it's been pretty damn amazing. The added layer of the vampires from the tomb and Vampire Hunter Alaric's ties to Damon and Elena are quite interesting, and then there is the new character John Gilbert, Elena's Uncle who knows too much...

    Well apparently Meyer has written a new novella, something to do with one of the vampire's from Eclipse or something...I'm still waiting for some blood drinking to happen, that's what happens in vampire books/movies doesn't it? Doesn't it??

  4. You mean it got better? i'll admit... andy will shoot me for lack of staying power... i quit after two episodes when it looked like another high school vampire prom night drama.

    I've heard a rumour... dont tell anyone... that theres actually a brief glimpse of blood in eclipse! what will the tweenies do? other than faint... No, hopefully David Slade will back up his words that he hated how lame it all was (before he got the director role, of course) and give us something vaguely recognisable as a horror film.

  5. Yes, it got better, say after episode 5 or 6? Suddenly they dropped the diary and school BS and it turned into a very engaging vampire show. Also there has been many flashback to Civil War Era Mystic Falls which have been quite enjoyable.

    Added to that the Witch scenes with Bonnie and Emily, but what's also great is vampire mother and daughter Pearl and Anna, Pearl is played by Kelly Hu and the actress who plays Anna (Malese Jow who is half-asian) is quite a delight. It's only 2 eps from the season finale now, so I recommend you try to get hold of the DVD, and start after episode 5 or 6...

    We'll see about Eclipse. I've read all the books in the distant past cause I wanted to know what all the fuss was about, and I know Breaking Dawn ends with an unsatisfying whimper...