Friday, 28 May 2010

Books, bits and Madonna

Scifiwire spotted this... 9 True Blood season 3 spoilers from director Alan Ball.

Dread Central has the art for the Eclipse score here.

There is a little more on the Dracula series announced by Boom! studios yesterday here.

News of a new book here - Steve Unger's "In the footsteps of Dracula"

USA Today has a feature on True Blood 3's werewolves here.

Madonna has allegedly done a vampire advert here... cant say theres much vampy about it, but there you go... their words, not mine.

There is an interview with Charlaine Harris here.

News of another new book is here : Contention - A Sara Grey Tale

And another... Insatiable by Meg Cabot.

Taliesin today looks at the classic book "The Vampire Countess"

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