Friday, 5 March 2010

The Count strikes back...

Gabreille Faust spotted this new book trailer - Evolve : Vampire Stories of the new Undead.

There is an interview with the author here.

There is an interview with Stephen Moyer (Bill) of True blood here, where he talks about working with wolves for season 3.

There is an interview with Charlaine Harris here.

And yet another interview... this time director Chris Weitz on New Moon.

Wesley Snipes continues to try and talk himself into a fourth Blade movie... details here at BloodyDisgusting.

Ah, this is wonderful! thanks to Poopbear on Deviantart, whoever you are... this is truly magnificent.

There is a review of Vampire Hunter D volume 4 here.

The LATimes has a piece on the National Geographics program on vampires last month.