Monday, 29 March 2010

Doctor Who battles vamps, The Hammer Vampire

Gabrielle Faust spotted this gem over at Eternal Vigilence. How Vampires use the media.

Gabrielle also spotted this new True Blood video from HBO.

The new Doctor Who series has a vampire episode... there is a clip here - The Vampires of Venice.

This looks like something that will interest a bunch of you out there... spotted by TheHammerandBeyond blog, The Hammer Vampire is set for a May release.

Taliesin today gets stuck into "The last vampire on earth", a 2010 film by Vitaliy Versace


  1. The Doctor versus Vampires! Yay! Of course I already sussed as much from the trailers, but still...!

  2. About time Doctor Who had some vampires! Shame he seems to be able to defeat them by cunningly walking away...

  3. The Hammer Vampire is a great book - well worth buying.