Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Ugly Americans preview, American Vampire features.

A couple of things spotted by Gabrielle Faust first tonight.

Gabrielle does a feature on the upcoming "American Vampire" here and Dread Central has more here.

Gabrielle also spotted a first look youtube video of "Priest".

Vampire Cafe spotted a True Blood Season III spoiler here. Bloody Disgusting has a teaser from HBO for Season III here.

Bloody Disgusting has the first ten minutes of animated vampire series "Ugly Americans" coming tomorrow to Comedy Central.

Dread Central has some snippetts of Twilight news here.

MTV has a sneak preview and some pics of the upcoming Vampire Diaries episode here.

Oh goody. News here that Walmart are opening Twilight shops across America.

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  1. luckily we don't have walmart here (and I understand they sold their ownership as Asda, but stand to be corrected). Yet it is simply an additional resaon to boycott them, beyond their reprehensible record with Trade Union rights