Monday, 15 March 2010

True Blood Season III date

ScifiWire spotted news that Steven Spielberg has got involved with the American remake of "let the right one in"

Vampire Cafe spotted an interview with Charlaine Harris here.

Bloody Disgusting has some big news... True Blood season III will hit US TV screens on HBO June 13th.

Dread Central has the trailer for Stephen Kings graphic novel "American Vampires" here.

There are some pics anda report of a new vampire musical "Vampire Heart" here.

There are a collection of 10 top tv and movie vampires here.

There is another glimpse of Eclipse here, featuring Bryce Dallas.

This is worth a read... "A short history of vampire movies" Part II is the link, part I is available from there.

There is a feature on the Jane Austen based vampire stories of recent times here... Jane Bites Back.

Taliesin tonight reviews "Twilight Vamps" a 2010 film.

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  1. True Blood season III coming out in June is great news. I am also looking forward to season II coming out on DVD May 25th.