Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Sigourney Weaver to be a vamp, The last vampire coming to the big screen

BloodyDisgusting spotted this big news - Christopher Pike's teen book series "The Last Vampire" has had the screen rights picked up by Filmnation Entertainment.

MTV has an interview with Vampire Diaries Katerina Graham here, spotted by Vampire Cafe.

Dread Central confirms the director for the Fright Night remake will be Craig Gillespie.

Some more big news, spotted by Vampire Cafe - Sigourney Weaver is to play a vampire in "Vamps"

BloodyDisgusting has some directorial speculation for Breaking Dawn.

Dread Central has another preview clip of "Ugly Americans" here.

Comicbookresources has a feature on Stephen King's American Vampire graphic novel.

Taliesin today gets stuck into a Robert Hossein film from 1965 "Le Vampire de Dussledorf"

and finally tonight... Nicole Hadaway has released a new short story, well worth a read.


  1. None too thrilled about the Fright Night remake, but it's about time Sigourney Weaver was made into a vampire!

  2. it was such a good film... even if they dont do a great job with it, the remake might be ok. fingers crossed eh?