Thursday, 4 March 2010

Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter gets a movie!

Gabrielle faust is running a trailer contest for the third in her Eternal Vigilance series.

Bloody Disgusting has news of "The last Voyage of the Demeter" which looks to be finally getting under way.

Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter is making some stunning progress... now there are rumours of a movie being on the way, with no less director than Tim Burton!

Dread Central has news that David Anders has joined the Vampire Diaries cast.

"Law and Order" has a vampire episode coming up... thre is a preview here.

Ugh... a Robert Pattinson waxwork. Wonder which has the better acting skills?

There is a feature of the latest Buffy comic here.


  1. Too funny about the RPattz waxworks comment! Even the latest Twilight spoof, a Verizon commercial, no less, pays tribute to his lifeless voice.

    Wow -- Tim Burton and Vampires. Well, it had to happen sooner or later, will be interesting for certain. I did like his take on the Headless Horseman back in Sleepy Hollow, and it's about time Johnny Depp played a vampire!

  2. Really looking forward to seeing him play barnabas collins...almost as much as if keanananu reeves played him!

    I do not dvink... vine... dude!