Thursday, 4 March 2010

Spike returns...?

Looks like being a quiet night again...

Dread Central has some Twilight : Eclipse news... a new editor and Muse dropped from the soundtrack.

There is an interiew with George Earl Parker, author of "Vampyre Blood - Eight pints of trouble"

The LATimes runs a piece on Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter here.

There is an interview here with James Marsters, or Spike to you and me... he mentions he would like to still do something as Spike as a Buffy spinoff.

Taliesin today reviews 2010 film "God of Vampires"


  1. I read that article a day or two ago. I love how he put a seven year deadline of Joss Whedon. Doesn't want to look too old. I miss Spike.

  2. He had to be the best character in Buffy, William the Bloody was great. I wouldnt mind if he did look a bit older, truth be told... a series based on bad spike would be sooo worth doing.