Monday, 19 April 2010

Vampire in the Hole, New True Blood promo's

First tonight, a film spotted by Taliesin... Vampire in the hole is a new spanish film (filmed round madrid and alacante), dystopian future, vampires 'out' and controlled by the government, forced to go to school, work certain jobs and feed in pens on society dregs (rapists, paedos etc)... there is a fake TV spot here: If anyone knows any more on this one, please let us know!

Vampire Cafe spotted a couple of True Blood videos... Season 3 promo # 5 and a webisode Promo.

The cafe also spotted news that these webisodes are to start may 2nd.

There is more on the news that Dark horse Comics is teaming with Hammer Studios to produce a Let Me In graphic novel.

BloodyDisgusting has more picks from bloodsucking creature film "Sucker"

DreadCentral has news that the Twilight Eclipse trailer will be out April 23rd.

There is more on DC Comics project to cross X Files with 30 Days of Night here at Shocktilyoudrop.

Shocktilyoudrop also has an interview with Karl Urban on his role in Priest.

Taliesin today reviews "The Lair - Season 3"

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