Friday, 2 April 2010

Life Blood trailer, Vampire Diaries stuff

Vampire Cafe stuff first tonight...

There is an interview with Charlaine Harris here.

Dread Central has a feature on Vampire Diaries here, and looks to the future of the series.

Vampire Cafe spotted news of a Twilight spoof on the way from the Wayans brothers.

Vampire Cafe has a huge collection of Vampire Diaries episode 16 links here.

BloodyDisgusting has its review of "Vampire origins" for the iPhone here.

Dread Central has some cover art for the Twilight Illustrated Movie Companion here.

Big news of the night.. Shocktilyoudrop has the trailer for "Life blood" here. Looks good!

America's Next Top Model recently had a vampire episode... the best of the pics are here.


  1. Hey Everlost, thanks for letting us know that Vampire Origins is finally out, been looking forward to it. Just checked the store it is up, I am getting it now, it's AU$8.99.

    Also your link for the Dread Central Vampire Diaries feature is missing/non-clicky.

  2. Thanks, i've fixed the link. i sometimes skim over some of the small vampire game stories, i will make sure i dont do that any more!

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  4. You're welcome :)

    I've played that game for about an hour so far(I've been looking forward to it for over 6 months) and so far it's actioned packed!

    A lush Gothic Horror setting and a decent shoot-em-up to boot.

    Apparently this game is the first of a trilogy.