Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Jane Sleyre, Moonlight : Online coming

Dread Central has some news and wonderful stills from the upcoming "Tales of an ancient Empire" here.

Bite club #38 is available to download here.

Vampire Cafe spotted a new True Blood season III promo.

These classic novel rewrites with a horror spin have been very successful... no surprise that "Jane Sleyre" is now on the way, details spotted by Bloodydisgusting.

Dread Central has details of episodes 18&19 of vampire diaries here.

Dread Central also has a look at Alcide, a new character for True blood season III.

Fearnet has a feature on Chloe Moretz, star of "Let me In"

There is news of a new MMO vampire game coming here - Moonlight : Online. The game is set for release at the end of 2010.

Taliesin today reviews "Dusk", a graphic novel by David Doub.


  1. Hey Everlost

    Tales of an Ancient Empire looks fun, about time we had a return of the Gothic Vampire!

    mmm, a vampire MMO. A bit late in the fad I think, but I hope it's good cause I plan to check it out. If your character can fly, then I'm in.

    Lastly, I've played about 2 hours now of Vampire Origins on the iPhone and it's great! Great Gothic Horror visuals, beasties and combat.

  2. i am desperate for news of vampire the masquerade MMRPG, white wolf are working on it!

    Got an email from andy today, hes bought that thing for his iPhone too!

  3. Yeah - I recommended the game to Andy, as I think it's neat, and reminscent of the old EC Horror comics in a fashion.

    I read about that VtM MMO in the comments to that Moonlight article. I was a big fan of the original games (Tremere!) and I've played both Redemption and Bloodlines which were superb.

    To be quite honest save for Dracula: Origin on PC and the Castlevania games I'm surprised there isn't more vampire games out there on console and PC. Speaking of Castlevania I'm looking forward to the reboot Lords Of Shadow this year, which from the trailer looks awesome.