Saturday, 10 April 2010

Vampire Diaries prequels?

Dread Central has news that 3 prequel novels may be coming for the Vampire Diaries series.

Shocktilyoudrop has news of a new project, "Sucker" - part man, part mosquito. ok its not vamp, strictly speaking, but its a quiet night.

The NYTimes has a look at current vampire graphic novels and comic series here.

ReelEmpire has a pic from Twilight Eclipse.

MTV has a whole bunch of pics from True Blood 3, many featuring new cast members.

Ha... ok, this is slightly off topic, but its a rumour ive seen in a few places. Robert Pattinson to play Kurt Cobain? Pft!


  1. Hey Everlost

    The part man/part mosquito thing has already been done a few years back in a movie called Mansquito aka Mosquito Man. I see that article mentions that too.

    Looking forward to the return of True Blood, but it's still 2 months away!

    Must be a quiet night if you mentioned Robert Pattinson twice! :p

  2. I am just imagining the die hard nirvana fans going through what us vampire fans have been suffering! Wonder if Kurt is going to sparkle and stare creepily at his fans? ha, he would probably say "I may be kurt cobain... but i dont do grunge, i listen to kylie and jason donovan records." Then they would know what we have been through!

  3. I'm just trying to imagine Kristen Stewart with a blonde wig as Courtney Love. Well I guess that Love and Bella have some traits in common, both look doped out all the time and struggle putting two sentences together so I guess it's a match made in Heaven.

    Seriously tho, I've heard R-Patz sing and he has a similar deep twang to Kurt in some respects and considering they'd want an actor to sing instead of dub the singing, much like Kristen and Dakota are doing in The Runaways (as Joan Jett and Cherie) they'd want someone who can sing and also have a pre-sold fanbase...