Saturday, 24 April 2010

Spike Comic, tons of Vampire Diaries stuff.

Gabrielle Faust spotted this bit of good news for Spike fans... not a TV return sadly, but a comic release.

Next up, Vampire Cafe spotted this new Eclipse trailer.

Vampire Cafe goes to town on Vampire Diaries episode 19 tonight, with a big bundle of links here. There is also an interview with paul wesley and some screencaps here.

Dread Central has a couple of webclips of episode 20 of Vampire Diaries here.

Dread Central has more goodies from blooducking film "Sucker" here.

There is a review of Stephen Kings vampire graphic novel project "American Vampire" here.

Fancy a vampire themed cruise? There are three to choose from, details are here.

Taliesin today does a vamp or not of 1972 british flick "Disciple of Death"


  1. Wow! You must be one heck of a detective. I tired to find more info on the Spike comic you mention above and the info is very elusive to say the least. Can you shed any more light on the subject?

  2. Hi Vampire Empire. Gabrielle Faust's site only has a few details, but here they are.

    Spike fans you’ll be pleased to know that, while James Marsters is not returning to your TV screen as Spike, his character is being reincarnated in the comic book adaptation of entitled SPIKE: THE DEVIL YOU LOVE TO HATE. My dear friend Bill Williams wrote the series, which is being released by IDW. According to Bill “It’s not just jokes and punching. It’s jokes, punching and stabbing.” If it’s Spike, I’ll buy it sight unseen. Below are the first two covers to be released today to the public. Be sure to check your local comic book store for dates on when deliveries will be arriving!