Saturday, 3 April 2010

Demon Vampire Creatures

Gabrielle Faust spotted this feature on "Bunnicula"

Vampire Cafe spotted this... a sneak peek at Alcide and Sookie from True blood 3.

The Cafe also saw this... Alan Ball talking about the new True blood comic. Dread Central has an article on this here.

This was posted on today... new film! Demon Vampire Creatures.

From Avery comes a blair-witch-esque trailer for a new horror film called Demon Vampire Creatures. Plot as follows; 1939: Two unknown 'creature' species are found buried in a ice sheet by scientists near Antartica. 1940: The U.S. Military in Anchorage Alaska transports the creatures to Seattle WA where experiments are conducted. 2009: University of Washington students go searching for these legendary 'Demon Vampire Creatures'...

Bloody Disgusting has the first pics to come out of "Bloodrayne : The Third reich"

Dread Central has the covers of "Famous Monsters" magazine.

Taliesin today reviews 2009 film "Morticia"

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