Tuesday, 6 April 2010

FrightNight lead named, Robert Pattinson's chocolate head up for grabs.

Gabreille Faust spotted this behind the scenes True blood clip of Tara.

BloodyDisgusting has some big news of the FrightNight remake... Anton Yelchin being named as the potential lead role.

MTV has news that Anne Rice is next up for the Female Force comics.

The Sun has news that brit comedian David Walliams is set for a part in Twilight : Breaking Dawn.

MTV has news of Brad Meltzer's plans for the next edition of the Buffy comic series.

Agh... what the hell? Lovefilm (in the UK) is running a competition to win Robert Pattison's chocolate head. it would be worth entering just to bung it in the microwave and watch it melt, surely?


  1. watching the video the head looks more like Beethoven!

    But how could you think of melting it in the microwave... Shame on you...

    it would be over too quickly, some sort of slow steam aparatus is needed. lol ;)

  2. I was too horrified, that was actually teresa's idea!

  3. I'm up for Anton Yelchin to play Brewster in the remake, he played a good diversity of characters from T4 and ST, but I guess we'll wait to see what Nicole thinks when she gets back from vacation, I dare say she will spit blood, as she is against a remake of this.

    I had read originally that it wasn't going to be a remake per se, but a sequel/reimagining where when the boy discovers a vampire living next door, he doesn't go to Peter Vincent like the original, but Chris Sarandon who played Jerry Dandridge in the original to help him, because the movie Fright Night exists in that world.

    Hmm perhaps they changed their minds??

  4. Have you guys seen Rose Red? You know when the guy with the glasses sees gruesome ghosts and he closes his eyes and chants, "Not there, Not there, Not there!"

    That's me with this Fright Night remake!

    However, I have been following the re-make news, and I did like Yelchin in Star Trek -- he looks like he'd be a good Brewster. Someone behind Buffy is either directing or writing it, and if they do really get Chris Sarandon to play the hunter role as Black Count suggests, I may, perhaps, pry one eye open and acknowledge the remake's existence. Possibly!

    If they screw this up though, I really will vomit blood all over the theater!