Monday, 12 April 2010

Vamped Out #1 is here, Hammer Classics coming to DVD

Gabrielle Faust spotted a behind the scenes video of True Blood's Jason Stackhouse from the upcoming season III. Vampire Cafe spotted the below promo for True Blood.

Vampire Cafe spotted this - Truly, Madly Deadly : The unofficial true blood companion.

Dread Central has the first episode of webseries "Vamped Out" here.

An Anthology for the Vampire Diaries is on the way... Dread Central has the details here.

Fangoria has some early news that "Vampire Circus" and "Twins of Evil" are set for a DVD release with some special features.

There's mention of Marvel comics doing an adaptation of Bram Stokers Dracula in June here.


  1. Those 3 movies, Vampire Circus, Hands of the Ripper and Twins of Evil are already together in a boxset called HAMMER HORROR COLLECTION released by MRA Entertainment. I've owned that boxset for about 5+ years.

    The 13 ep HOUSE OF HAMMER is also a boxset which I own. It's in a red slip case with the silhouette of a vampire castle by Carlton/Magna Pacific. It's a 4-disc set in two cases.

    I got them from JB-HIFI in Brisbane, Australia so unless these collections never got released in the USA I'm finding this a bit weird

  2. You are probably right, im willing to bet that these have been on sale as a threesome in the UK before as well.

  3. The UK version was Twins of Evil, Vampire Circus and Countess Dracula.

    that said the set wasn't available in every country - in the same respect they talk about the release of the Hammer House of Horror episodes , which have been out in Australia and the UK for some considerable time.