Sunday, 24 January 2010

Vlad, and more Vampire Diaries

There is a piece on Charlie Hunnam and his latest project "Vlad" here.

News of True Blood missing out at the Screen Actors Guild Awards is here.

There are more Vampire Diaries #12 spoilers and links here.


  1. Hello Everlost,

    In regards to Vampire Diaries, have you been watching it? I read the first book when I heard about the series, and found it simple teen-vamp twaddle, but to my surprise this is one adaptation that far exceeds the book.

    Of course I find the Elena/Stefan interaction a bit gag-worthy, though it's not as lame and trite as Edward/Bella(and the producers ARE trying to make it bearable), but with the expansion of Damon's character from the books, and the added vampire/witch/hunter lore I actually think it's quite well done.

    I found the season return from the break this year to be quite engaging, and this is coming from someone who usually turns his nose up at teen rubbish.

  2. Hi gabriel...

    we havent had it yet, i think its arriving on tv here sometime in the next month or two... see an ad for it, at least.

    The general impression ive had looking at youtube snips was probably what you got from the books... a little better than the sparklevamp rubbish, but no great shakes... still, that is taken just from clips, so if they manage to put a good series together thats great. We will be watching it, of course no matter how bad it is!

    Did you ever get to see "Demons" down there?

  3. I saw DEMONS and it was gawd-awful terrible. Esp that actor from Life On Mars with his fake Sam Spade accent! Urgh! They tried to make it epic and cool, and it just went all pear-shaped.

    What was funny was that the first episode was actually half-decent, and it just got worse, making Mina blind was strange as well.

    I'm thoroughly enjoying the 2nd season of BEING HUMAN. About to watch the 3rd episode today. Though I fear for the American remake, I fear it's going to turn out like FRIENDS.

  4. exactly... by the time we got to episode 6, it was making me want to throw my treacle sponge at the telly! Make sure you read taliesins review at some point, mine is in the comments.

    being an american human might not be toooo bad, its got the supernatural directors, and thats ok.

  5. I read Andy's comments back when he did it, just like your blog I follow his as well so I read all the new posts.

    You mean from the show SUPERNATURAL? Hmmm, this might have a chance yet, but to be quite honest what makes BEING HUMAN work is the British-ness with it's cast and location. George has an American Werewolf in London thing going on (hell even his origin is the same), but I think it will get lost in Translation going to America and will become a poor man's True Blood or Anita Blake etc...