Thursday, 28 January 2010

More Dacre Stoker Dracula adaptations?

This first, tonight... Gabrielle Faust spotted this by Dacre Stoker, where he talks about the possibility of doing more Dracula adaptations.

Vampire Cafe has published the results of its 2009 Vampy Awards here.

The Cafe has folowed that tonight with a bunch of interviews... True Blood, Being Human, and Vampire Diaries. There is also a little True Blood casting news here.

A couple of bits of Twilight stuff... the documentary on Forks is out March 20th, and the New Moon soundtrack companion is going to be available here. There is also news of a chairty twilight baseball game in New Orleans here.

A little folow-up to that "Castlevania - Rondo of Blood" story from a day or two ago... its not going to be translated into english, unfortunately.

Also a note about "Tex : Vampire Hunter "from yesterday. Tex: Vampire Hunter will premiere at the Beloit International Film Festival, which runs from Feb 18-21.

A little comic news... Morbius the vampire is coming back to battle spiderman in the next issue from Marvel Comics.


  1. Urgh! Please Dacre stop before you make a mockery out of yourself. You don't and will never possess your ancestor's talent, and Dracula: The Undead was truly awful and made too many liberties with the original story. I couldn't even finish it, the book was that hokey!

    To be honest it feels he wrote a sequel to Coppola's Dracula and not the original novel.

  2. Gabriel, i havent read it, but i remember andy's review... surely a sequel shouldnt be pointing out mistakes in the original book as part of its plot?