Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Vampires of Bloody Island

Its Daybreakers day. Vampire Cafe has put together a list of reviews and articles here and here.

Vampire Cafe spotted this bit of casting news for Vampire Diaries, with Melinda Clarke joining the cast.

Vampire Cafe also saw this Buffy Comic spinoff - Tales of the Vampires : Carpe Noctum

Ah, now this is great news. "The Vampires of Bloody Island" is getting a DVD release on Feb 1st. The trailer is here.


  1. I bought The Vampires of Bloody Island and watched it last night. Bloody fantastic! Kind of like Rocky Horror, just really cool and original and very, very funny! I really recommend it! (If you get it direct from them at you can get it quite cheap!)

  2. Thanks Daniel, certainly looks worth getting from what i've seen of it.