Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Twilight parodies, Vlad and more.

Summit Entertainment (those of the dubious twilight vampires) and Brad pitt are teaming up to do a film about Vlad Tepes. Not surprisingly with Summit, this is going to be another film without vampires. More details on the upcoming "Vlad" are here.

Vampire Cafe has kicked off its 2010 book club with "Dead Until Dark" by Charlain Harris.

The Bite Club #26 podcast is available to download here.

The Hillywood Show is about to release its "Twilight : New Moon" parody.

Dread Central has some Being Human season II stills here.

Ahh, twilight marketing rubbish, how i have missed it over xmas. We can all welcome it back thanks to these.

Dread Central has also spotted the artwork and synopsis for issue 2 of the "federal vampire and zombie agency" comic.

Shocktilyoudrop has been behind the scenes of Daybreakers, and has ten minutes(ish) of footage.

The Guardian newspaper has more on Sir Christopher Lee's proposed album... Symphonic metal is on the way!

Reviews for "daybreakers" are starting to appear. heres another one.

Any readers in Detroit? news is here that there is to be a casting call for parts in a new vampire film this coming Saturday here - Vampire tales.

The Examiner has news of a Twilight Nintendo game here.


  1. Oooh, that Being Human werewolf is scary! I remember they showed his eyes in one ep -- creepy!

    Just think -- we've only got 6 months until Eclipse!

  2. and i can barely contain my excitement...ha! i am still hoping David Slade is going to keep with his trait of producing bloodthirsty and violent films, what a nice surprise for the twilight tweenies that will be!