Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tex - vampire Hunter, Sam Worthington is Dracula : Year Zero

Tex : Vampire Hunter is almost here... watch the trailer .

News for those of us in the UK - Vampire Diaries is to appear on ITV2 on Tuesday 2nd February at 9pm with the pilot episode, and there is episode 1 proper following it at 10pm.

Some big casting news breaking tonight, with news that Sam Worthington has been picked as the lead role for "Dracula : Year Zero". Vampire Cafe has a collection of links here.

Vampire Cafe spotted this, New Moon is now available for pre-ordering on DVD and Blu-ray.

Shocktilyoudrop has an interview with scream queen and actress behind the Ms Vampy web series, Brooke Lewis

There is an interesting article on Dracula and Vlad the impaler here.

There is news of a Twilight convention coming up in Nasville Tenessee.

This has appeared.... a natty little flash game called "Vampire Fever"

MTV has a feature on "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead" here.

"Castlevania : Rondo of blood" is coming to virtual console... details here.

A little plug for the new site of "The Dirge of Gabriel", which has been linked over there >>> for quite a while... The Convent of Blood is now open.

Dread Central has news that True Blood Season II will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on 25th May.


  1. Thanks for the plug Everlost!

    Here's to hoping that Alex Proyas making a GREAT Dracula film, we've needed a new one of those since 1992...

  2. Is Tex: Vampire Hunter some re-do of the SE Hinton novel, Tex, (which was made into a movie back in the 80's with Matt Dillon)?

  3. Nicole, i've asked the question... let you know if i get a reply.

    No problem gabriel, its been a while since we have had a dracula film... will be interesting who summit and brad pitt put out as Vlad Tepes... sulky sparkly teenager maybe?

  4. Ug! Don't start with that Twilight rubbish, it truly breaks my Black Heart!

    It's bad enough they are considering RPatz for Peter Parker in the new Spider-Man films!

    I think we need a resurgence of the Classical Vampire. I for one vote for a Ravenloft adaptation in film or tv, let Strahd Von Zarovich show them how it's done, better still let us see the Wamphryri reek havoc in a Necroscope adaptation!

  5. A necroscope series would be wonderful! Rpatz as harry keogh... hm, maybe not.

  6. LOL! RPatz as Harry Keogh would cause me to kill myself! Though he could be Visagi The Suck...cause he sucks!

    If he is Peter Parker I am boycotting the new SM films all together.

    Let's not mention him again! Deal :)

    Seriously I don't think Hollywood would do Necroscope justice. Brian Lumley sold the rights a few years back and nothing came of it, it truly would be hard to adapt. The BBC or some other UK productions needs to do it as most of the cast is English/Romanian/Starside-sunside.

    If it was made by Hollywood they'd make Harry an American much in the same way they did to John Constantine/Hellblazer and the E-Branch will become some FBI twaddle!

  7. wait -- they're remaking the Spider Man movies? But the Tobey Maguire ones aren't that old!!!! What is up with all the remakes?!?!?! I know a great story about a vampire (who burns in sunlight and has to avoid holy objects) who rescues Jewish children during WWII -- it would make a great, ORIGINAL movie, if Hollywood or the BBC were interested!

    What did you guys think of the BBC version of Dracula with Marc Warren, David Suchet, and Sophia Myles? I didn't get to see as much of it as I liked, but I thought the blood-disease connection was interesting.

  8. He didnt do it for me, not as Dracula... unfortuately he also played Mr Teatime in The Hogfather, which we saw not long before that... im sure that didnt help, difficult to take him seriously after that!

    The rest of the BBC production was ok i guess, middle of the road 6-7 / 10 i reckon.

  9. I didn't mind that BBC Dracula but I expected it to be better. I don't think Drac used his powers enough, and changing the characters around, like making Van Helsing the prisoner of that cult as just too absurd.

    I also watched Warren The Hogfather, and Everlost, it's not Mr Teatime, It's Mr Te-a-time-e :p

  10. Nicole, Tex is nothing to do with the S E Hinton novel... had a reply. this is their official site.


    Spiderman... its a new movie i think, they had the great idea of putting the vampire morbius in as the bad guy, then the stupid idea of changing their minds and going with something else.