Friday, 22 January 2010

Twilight graphic novel & I am Virgin

Lets start with Vampire Diaries stuff tonight... as spotted by Vampire Cafe, there are some spoilers to be had here in an interview with Katerina Graham.

Shocktilyoudrop has an interview with Abby from "Let me in"

ScifiGuy has an interview with the author of "Gentlemen Prefer Succubi" Jill Myles.

Vampire Cafe spotted this - 8 vampires that achieved reel immortality.

The Cafe also has this, but i wish it didnt. Twilight - The graphic novel is released March 16th.

Dread Central reviews are usually pretty close to the mark - Daybreakers gets the treatment here.

Dread Central also spotted this... some natty True Blood merchandise going on sale.

New Film news! "I am Virgin" is a spoof of "I am legend".... release date on DVD is Feb 23rd.

I Am Virgin is a spoof of I Am Legend, the 2008 science fiction release starring Will Smith. In I Am Virgin, Portland actor Adam Davis plays Robby, the last uninfected man standing in a world ravaged by a virus that has transformed all of humanity into horny, sex-crazed vampires. And as the title suggests, Robby is a virgin.

Here's something nice... Vampire Vineyards are running a special offer for readers of the blogs that contribute to, and this little place is one of them.

Vampire Vineyards would like to offer readers an exclusive coupon for the month of January. Simply have your readers enter the coupon code: VAMPBLOG in the checkout cart at to get 10% off ANY PURCHASE.

Taliesin spotted this news... "Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are undead" has been given an April 16th release date.

And speaking of Taliesin, the best of all vampire film blogs out there has today passed 1 million hits... Congrats Taliesin, thanks for all the work and here's to the next million!

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