Friday, 15 January 2010

Fright Night remake details...

Gabrielle Faust has a piece on "Nightlight : a twilight parody" here.

It is a bit wide to post here, so i'll provide a link instead. Spotted by Vampire Cafe, a very good Dracula strip.

Vampire Cafe also spotted this, which is well worth a read. Producer Mike de Luca talks about "Priest" and his proposed remake of "Fright night". Bloody Disgusting also has news of the Fright night remake, revealing that the vamps are not going to be of the sparklie type...

March 20th is the release date of New Moon on DVD, according to this.

Vampire Cafe carries this promo for the next vampire Diaries episode, and also has a little casting news here.

The LA Times has done a piece on the "subsiders" in Daybreakers.

The Fortean Times has a nice piece today called "the many lives of count dracula"


  1. Hey Everlost,

    Fright Night is one of my favourite vampire films, hell the 80's made vampires cool, with the complete trilogy of Lost Boys and Vamp.

    I'm glad for this news, as I am sick to death of metrosexual douchebag sparkly 'vamp' stalkers!

    Bring on the real bloodthirsty vamps! Same with all horror, that's why I'm glad for The Wolfman remake, finally some meat on the bones!

  2. Couldnt agree more Gabriel... personally im not a huge fan of the 30 Days of night type of vampires either... between them and the sparkly twilight types, there dont seem to be many films going for those like Fright night. Preview does look good doesnt it?