Saturday, 18 July 2015

Vampire Hunter D snips, Kickstart Corner - webseries, Vamps on the box

Sentai Filmworks has started releasing cast video snippets from the upcoming Vampire Hunter D release.

Porstmouth (Ohio) Theater is having a run of Dracula through October.


Kickstart Corner.  Something I am looking at doing every weekend, since most of the horror sites shut down... here's the latest vampire stuff from kickstarter and crowdfunder websites. A full list and details of each can be found over on Vampweb.

Additions this week are...
The Jessica Forever webseries,

Ghost Hunter 'Vampire' Card game.

Space Egyptians vs Earth Vampires - Fiction

The Dark : Beginnings Season 1 - webseries

The Silent Force Saga - YA Fiction

Gothic Horror Industrial Punk Bicycle playing cards - illustrated card deck

The Karez - Film


Upcoming vampires on telly this coming week...

On the Box UK

On the Box USA

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