Monday, 6 July 2015

Penny Dreadful Season 3 trailer, Kros : Hallowed Ground, Vampirella contest winner

Right, weekend in Brighton over and done with, time to crack on with some new vampire stuff.

New book first... Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day Georg is out (I think) on July 7th.  Teen - Young Adult, this one.

Just in case I have anyone from Sri Lanka reading... there is a new Dracula play going on at the Lionel Wendt Theater July 10th-12th.

Vampire Hunter D has a new series coming... there is an interview with Unified Pictures about the new series here.

News of a new kickstarter project here, for a vampire comic : Kros: Hallowed Ground,’ The Story Of Vampires At The Battle Of Gettysburg

Read More: Ostrander and Mandrake Launch A Kickstarter For 'Kros' 

There is a nice feature on upcoming film Bloodsucking Bastards here, focusing on the special effects.

Penny Dreadful Season 2 is not even cold and in the ground yet, and we have a promo video for Season 3! The next season will be out in 2016.

Last but definitely not least... we have the winner of the Coffin Cuties Vampirella contest, congrats to Jamie Matsu Chin on being the official Vampirella for the coming year (at least!)

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