Friday, 3 July 2015

Sunderland VR game, Aliens / Vampirella crossover, Queen of Blood

I think this might be a first... a new Virtual reality game featuring vampires. Sunderland -  As his servant it is your job to see The Count safely back to his coffin, which would be fine but for the fact the local villagers have gotten wind of The Count’s true identity and a mob are at this moment storming the castle grounds in order to kill him.  Now you must protect the castle from the villagers, The Count from the castle, The Count from the villagers and yourself from getting fired. It’s a hard life serving a sleepwalking vampire.

News of a new comic here... Sunset Park is on the way from Image Comics.

There is a look ahead to The Originals season 3 and 3 new characters about to land on the show.

A bit of Theater news, for the UK... There is a production of Dracula running, 15th-17th July at The Mill Arts Center in Banbury.

Vampirella seems to be on an ever increasing upward curve, news now that Dynamite Entertainment has decided to release an Aliens / Vampirella crossover.

New DVD news here... Queen of Blood will be out on September 8th.


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