Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Darkness Within, Luis Suarez the vampire, Dusk Til Dawn season 2

Damn, I wish I could do this for a living, so much more enjoyable than work! Onwards...

First up tonight, a new E-zine with a few nice vampire stories in.  Darkness Within is on its first issue, read it here.

I don't normally post much around children's books, but this one... yeah, why not.  Luis Suarez, after a few "misunderstandings" on the football field has been made into a vampire for a book called "Daydreaming Daisy McCloud"

The Fantasia Film festival has published its playlist... and there is a fairly rare vampire film in there, if anyone is within range of Montreal.  The Reflecting Skin is a 1990 film by Philip Ridley.

Dusk Til Dawn season 2 is coming, August 25th to be precise. Now we have a trailer!

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series - Season 2 Trailer by dreadcentral

More new book news here, with a new release from Freda Warrington on July 21st. The Dark Arts of Blood has a contest running over on Dread Central.

Bordello of Blood is getting a new Blu-Ray release... details and artwork are here.

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