Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Fresh Blood, Dusk til Dawn 2 posters, Hotel Transylvania 2 family & release date, The Unwanted review

The LA Times has the brand new posters for season 2 of Dusk Til Dawn here

Hotel Transylvania 2 has released a family portrait here.  The film is out September 25th.

Here's some big news... Fright Night director Tom Holland is working on a new vampire film called Fresh Blood.

Fresh Blood tells the story of a group of teenage vampires who kidnap a bus driver and his daughter to attend a concert.  Extinction writer Juan de Dios Garduño is working with both Holland and Fernando Martin Samper on the screenplay with the aim of creating something in the spirit of eighties-style Lost Boys and Fright Night.

This new OLD film might have slipped under the radar... The Unwanted has a review on BD here. Thanks to Taliesin for pointing out its over a year old!


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