Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A Dracula, A Place Among the Undead, Ludo

Some music news first... LA band Demon Lung have a new album out called A Dracula inspired by 1978 Mexican vampire film Alucarda.

This looks like something nice for anyone playing vampire RPG's... Worlds of Pulp Vampire Construction Tables

Here's some news... Juliet Landau aka Drusilla is working on a documentary called "A Place Among the Undead"

Landau has already filmed interviews with "Buffy" creator Joss Whedon, "Interview with a Vampire" writer Anne Rice, "Dracula" star Gary Oldman, "Dark Shadows" director Tim Burton and many more, exploring the metaphors each of them use for vampirism.

New film news here... Ludo is an Indian film that has a reference to fanged women, so may well be a vampire film of sorts.

Dread Central has a competition to win a blu-ray copy of What We Do In The Shadows

Dread Central has a look at horror series that didnt quite make it here... Blade is featured among others.

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