Wednesday, 15 July 2015

House of Screaming Death - Vampyre, Backstreet Boys and N-sync in a vampire film? Sharp Fangs, Pale Flesh, Therapy for a Vampire, Shudder, Hotel Transylvania TV series

Right, straight into it... got three new films, a TV series and a bunch of other stuff to post about tonight!

First up, Vampyre from the House of Screaming Death.  England, 1887. A small community has been subject to a string of horrific killings, all inflicted by "the deathly figure with the claws". As the killings increase, some of the villagers form a search party in an attempt to stop this creature...but some things should be left alone.

Now I know the idea of a horror film is to terrify it's audience, but... this truly scares the living hell out of me. Just the thought of it. Apparently it was mentioned at Comic-Con that several ex-members of Backstreet Boys and N-Sync would be starring in a vampire film called Dead 7, although the article later calls it a zombie movie. Let's hope it turns out to be zombies.

new music video next... punk band Coliseum have released a new video called Sharp Fangs, Pale Flesh

Make that three new films! Therapy for a Vampire has a review here.

I'll post this, as it may well have some obscure vampire films on there at some point.  Shudder is a new on demand video streaming service dedicated to horror films.

News tonight that Hotel Transylvania is getting its own TV series!

Fangoria has news of a special screening for the 30th anniversary of Fright Night here, taking place in New York.

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