Friday, 6 May 2011

Vampire Diaries finale, Bite Marks

Vampire Cafe spotted a couple of promo videos for the finale of Vampire Diaries below.

A mention tonight for Drew Cross' new book Bite Marks.

The vampires in 'BiteMarks' are human, as real as you and me. With immensely strong jaws and capable of extreme violence, they have, of course, long fangs and a desperate - and sometimes depraved - craving for blood that some can control and some cannot.

When they turn to the bad, they are indeed evil, but when they make love together, it is the most beautifully intense experience in the world as they scratch and claw and savor the ecstasy.

Shane Marks is a cop and an outsider. He is a vampire (he prefers the less loaded term 'blood-fetishist'), with a horrific and haunting past, facts he has gone to great lengths to hide.

In 'BiteMarks', the first in a series where we follow his career, Shane is set to investigate crimes so horrendous that they must have been committed by one of his own kind.

It is a book that will pick you up and throw you around the room, grab you by the neck and mainline into your blood stream.

It is where blood and lust become bloodlust. As a love story, as a crime thriller, and as a record of how the events of childhood mark our later lives, it is literally sensational, right through to the devastating revelations of the final pages.

I've added a site over to the links tonight... Female Vampire Art in the other vampire blogs section.


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