Wednesday, 4 May 2011

New film - Vampyr has a look at some Vampire Diaries games here. also has a look at some new vampire selections available on Netflix

BloodyDisgusting has a look at Doug Bradley in The Reverend.

More new film news...  Australian film Vampyr, featured at BloodyDisgusting.

A successful TV-news anchor disappears and is found a week later with no memory and shockingly brutalized. Dismissed by authorities and colleagues as just another date-rape, her life gradually unravels in a growing obsession with mystery, truth and retribution.

Is the assailant someone close, or is it something altogether more sinister and supernatural? Swallowed by the madness of alienation, she will come to know the shocking truth of her torment and embrace the darkness that inhabits the realm of vengeance.

Taliesin tonight looks at the third bloodrayne Film : The Blood Reich

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