Friday, 13 May 2011

Fright Night remake trailer, True blood season 4 trailer, New film - Vampire Empress, New Film - Dance of the Damned remake, New Film - Subject 7

Right, apologies there was no blog post last night... when i sat down here, I found Blogger down for maintenance, I didnt have a night off deliberately!

Sarah Michelle Gellar of Buffy fame puts the boot into the possible Buffy remake here. has a look at the Vampire Diaries finale here.

Vampire Cafe spotted Lily Collins talking about the vampires of Priest here.

Vampire Cafe also spotted this... 'Vampire Diaries': Daniel Gillies talks Elijah's betrayal (and softening)

IFC Films has aquired We Are The Night for cinema release around new york toward the end of May.

BloodyDisgusting has its review of Priest here, and Dread Central has their review here.

BD also has the trailer for the Fright Night remake here.

BD has a little news of proposed film Harker here.

We have a release date for Johnny Depp's Dark Shadows!  May 11th, 2012

We also have a proper True Blood season 4 trailer!

Dread Central has new film news... Dance of the Damned set for a remake.

And more new film news!  Dread Central spotted this, Empress Vampire

DreadCentral has news of UK vampire film Dead Cert getting a USA release here.

Want another new film to keep an eye on?  Shocktilyoudrop has news of another new project, Subject 7 here.

A group of film school students decide to follow random strangers, discreetly filming them without their knowledge in an effort to piece together their story and create a compelling narrative - literally a picture of modern life in the big city. It's an ambitious project, and each does their part, working in shifts to maintain surveillance of their various subjects, meticulously keeping track of their habits, their daily routines, following them to work, on weekend excursions, stolen moments, clandestine rendezvous.

Fortunately for them, everyone has secrets. The trick is discovering them... and more importantly, getting them on film. But when one of the students mysteriously vanishes, the others suspect that one of their subjects might be responsible. They soon discover their friend had been following someone the others weren't even aware of... Subject #7.

Subject #7 is not like any of the others, he's very difficult to follow, and they never see him during the day. Who is he? Where did he come from? How did she find him? Every answer only leads to more questions, and what follows is a suspenseful game of cat a mouse as our intrepid filmmakers concentrate all their efforts on this one person, stalking him, hoping to find some clue as to his true identity and what might have happened to their friend. As more of the students disappear, we soon learn the terrifying truth, that the person they've been following isn't a "person" at all... he's something more, or less, than human... a vampire... and not at all like the ones you read about in books or see in the movies. This is a creature of pure evil, a malevolent, predatory thing that lives in the shadows, hidden from prying eyes... that is, until now.

Taliesin has a look at Bloodthirst : Legend of the Chupucabra here, and 2010 book The Vampire hunters here.


  1. The Dance of the Damned remake is good news, I gave the original 8 out of 10. Hope the (second) remake lives up to that.

  2. thought you might like that, i remember it being high on your list. Not sure about that fright night trailer...

  3. there was a distinct lack of Peter Vincent