Saturday, 21 May 2011

My Babysitter's a Vampire, Shinku, Kutsal Damacana 3: Dracoola has a look at Disney's vampire offering, My Babysitter's a Vampire - film and 13 episode tv series on the way.

BloodyDisgusting has a little news about Vlad here, Summit Entertainment's film based on the origin of Dracula. Dread Central has a little more on this film here.

Renfield : The Undead is still doing the film festival circuit...  there are a couple of new promo's for the film here.

Dread Central has some plot summaries for Season 3 of Vampire Diaries here.

Dread Central has news that Stake Land will be out on DVD / video August 2nd.

There is news of a project to produce a 6-part comic series based on Varney the Vampire here.

USAToday has more vampire comic news here... Shinku pits a female samurai against Japanese vampires.

There is an interview with vampire author Justin Cronan here.

There is news of a new Turkish Dracula film here... Kutsal Damacana 3: Dracoola

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